At Cool Blue College we partner with some of the Northeast’s most recognised employers, inspiring talented individuals to become apprentices across the region.

Hiring an apprentice provides organisations with the opportunity to nurture an individual from day 1, giving insight into its core values and company culture. Throughout the course, employers will benefit from job retention, financial incentives, and a high performing, motivated employee. Furthermore, upon completion of their qualifications, your apprentice will have transformed into fully qualified employee, embedded into your organisational culture and daily routines.


What Cool Blue Can do for you.

As a leading apprenticeship provider, Cool Blue College is on hand to support organisations through finding your prospering apprentices. Our services eliminate the need for internal recruitment and selection, making the process simple for your organisation. From advertising the role, sourcing potential apprentices, skills and employment rights screening, through to arranging interviews, the only stage your business will need to be involved in is the final interview. As a promise to our employers, we will ensure only those with potential for success and a drive for learning will reach the final stages of interview – allowing our clients to choose the right apprentice for them.

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What benefits will apprenticeships provide for my business?

Employing apprentices offers a range of positive impacts for any organisation.

Statics show that over 70% of employers found that apprentices help to improve both general productivity and the quality of their products and services. Furthermore, 86% of employers found that apprenticeships prepared the trainees for their end role, commenting that the training material developed relevant skills associated with their organisation.

In addition to this, other benefits include the ability to nurture the apprenticeship programme to suit the organisations specific training requirements, the opportunity to upskill and reskill existing, valued, members of the workforce and furthermore, benefit from an intrinsically motivated employee.

Financial benefits in the form of funding, national insurance breaks and government grants are also available as incentives for the programme.

For more information on the benefits of employing apprentices for you organisation, please contact us at employers@coolbluecollege.com

Is there any funding to help with the costs associated with apprenticeship training?

Yes, the government provides funding, financial incentives and breaks in national insurance for organisations employing apprentices.

As a standard, all businesses who pay into the ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ will have access to this for training and apprenticeship purposes, plus the additional 10% the government contributes annually. For employers who do not contribute to the levy, due to their annual payroll summary, up to 100% of training costs may be subsided by the government.

In addition to this, employers who take part in the apprenticeship programme will receive £1000 per apprentice between the ages of 16-18, or under 25 years of ages with an EHCP plan. The additional funding is a government incentive to help cover the costs associated with developing young talent.

Furthermore, employers will benefit from a Class 1 national insurance break for every apprentice under the age of 25.

For a full list of financial incentives and funding opportunities, please contact us at employers@coolbluecollege.com

What happens if I do not pay into the Apprenticeship Levy?

The ‘Co-Investment Scheme’, set up by the UK Government, allows SMEs to benefit from apprenticeships by asking for little to no contribution towards training programmes to ensure apprenticeships are affordable for every business.

Employers who do not have an annual payroll of £3million, but employ over 49 members of staff, are entitled to up to 95% of their apprenticeship training costs to be covered by funding. Furthermore, for businesses with an employee total of under 49 people, 100% of training costs may be subsided for 16–18-year-olds.

For more information on employing apprentices, please contact us at employers@coolbluecollege.com